What is a Fleshlight?

Okay, so just what is a Fleshlight? Maybe you’ve heard of something called a pocket pussy and have thought to yourself, “Well, that sounds like a waste of time, money, and effort.” Maybe you’ve even tried that kind of self-pleasuring device and decided you might as well settle for using your good right hand.

If that’s your view on the subject, it’s obvious that you haven’t tried a Fleshlight. Here at FleshToys.co.nz, we can assure you that a Fleshlight is like no device you’ve ever tried before. It’s not some cheap plastic sleeve or some gag gift for a stag party. The Fleshlight is a quality-crafted device designed to offer you the best in safe, discreet pleasure whenever and wherever you want it.

What is a Fleshlight? – a receptacle, shall we say, but it’s not some empty plastic cylinder. First, the Fleshlight is modeled on the actual dimensions of real women, including some of the hottest adult stars of today. Have you ever wanted to “make it” with Misty Stone or Carla Cox? Well, Fleshlight can offer the next best thing, molded from their dimensions. Using the patented SuperSkin material for softness, comfort, and realism, Fleshlights deliver a simply delightful experience. They don’t just come in one type, either – such variations as the Lotus, the Primal, and the Vortex each offer different contours and different textures for your stimulation and enjoyment. Many models also come in both vaginal and “back door” models, so if you’re craving the ultimate in a tight, satisfying encounter, the Fleshlight will give you what you want.

Fleshlights also come in a variety of styles for different needs. For example, there is the Stamina Trainer, a Fleshlight that will help you learn to last longer once you’re mounted. There’s the Fleshlight Ice, a clear model that will give you the indescribably hot opportunity to see yourself in action. There’s the Fleshlight Vibro (oh, you know what it will do for you!), and you can even custom-design your own Fleshlight, crafted with whatever dimensions and features you crave.

One of the best aspects of the Fleshlight is that it offers its users variety. Thanks to the extensive line of inner sleeves that fit the Fleshlight housing, you can start with a basic tunnel and then switch it up – extra tight, ribbed, wavy, “speed bumps,” and more. You’ll never get bored with a Fleshlight, because there are always new features and sensations to experience.

No matter what your self-pleasure needs, Fleshlight is a well-built, great-feeling, easy to use product that will deliver thrills again and again. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your own needs, and Fleshlight offers a safe, discreet, legal option that can keep everything tuned up and ready to go. Don’t hesitate. Check out the Fleshlight male sex toys and see what you’ve been missing.