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Original Texture Sleeve, Black Fleshlight Case

  • Classic Model Enjoyed by Millions of Satisfied Men
  • 3/4″ Diameter Sleeve Texture Design is Ideal for Most Men
  • High-Quality, Patented SuperSkinTMMaterial Made in the USA
  • Patented Case Design Creates Variable Section with Simple End Cap Adjustment
  • Easy to Prepare and Clean; Long Lasting, Durable Construction
  • Full Unit Measures 10″ Long and 4″ in Diameter
  • First-Time Buyer Favorite

SuperSkin = Super Realistic

Shopping for Fleshlight Original sleeve offers a wider canal (3/4″) than our other models: ideal for men with an above average girth that don’t want to use up extra lubricant enjoying other textured options.

The smooth interior of the sleeve is great for men of any size who are more sensitive and want their solo session to last longer. No matter how much our product line evolves, this legendary product has always been in demand, and is the perfect purchase for Fleshlight connoisseurs and first time buyers alike.

This isn’t some cheap pocket pussy imported from China. All Fleshlight sleeves and cases are manufactured in the Fleshlight facility in Austin, TX. The unique SuperSkinTM is amazingly durable and has “memory” allowing it to be used over and over without becoming “loose” or “stretched out.” Fleshlight sleeves have little to no scent whatsoever and, when powdered with our Fleshlight Renewing Powder, are silky smooth to the touch.

There’s not another male masturbator or sex toy for men that comes closer to replicating the real thing.

Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady

A staple in the Fleshlight line of masturbation products, the Classic Pink Lady was the first sleeve ever developed and crafted from our patented SuperSkinTM material. A timeless product, this classic will keep you happy for years to come.

Fleshlight Classic Pink Mouth

A staple in the Fleshlight line of masturbation products, the Classic Mouth has introduced more men to the oral pleasures of Fleshlight products than any other sleeve. This smooth insert is the most realistic-feeling recreation of oral sex you will find. Slip inside the seductive Classic Mouth and let the soft, inviting lips wrap around you.

Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt

A staple in the Fleshlight line of masturbation products, the Classic Butt lets your most erotic desires be fulfilled, allowing you to experience the joy of entering your partner’s most forbidden area. Take this one slow at first and allow the tight opening to hug you tightly as you penetrate inward.

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